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WHP painted by Philip de Laszlo in 1917.

Walter Hines Page

Walter Hines Page is best remembered for helping convince the United States it had to come to the aid of Britain and its allies and join World War I. He was appointed by President Woodrow Wilson to the position of ambassador to the Court of St. James's and served from 1913-1918. He returned to the U.S. just before the Armistice was announced in November 1918.

Walter Hines Page was born in Cary, North Carolina. His father, Frank Page, was Cary's founder. Walter was highly regarded throughout his career as a journalist and publisher and was instrumental in the establishment of North Carolina State University.

Walter Hines Page is honoured with a plaque in Westminster Abbey, just outside the Chapter House.  

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Photo Right: Nancy Jirtle in front of the plaque at Westminster Abbey, November 2018.

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