Events and Community Projects
The chapter hosts a number of events throughout the year and provides financial assistance to several community groups. 

WHP hosted a birthday tribute to George Washington at the site of his statue in Trafalgar Square.  This event was attended by dignitaries of the US Embassy, the French Embassy, WHP members and interested friends and the public.  

The statue in Trafalgar Square was a gift from the Commonwealth of Virginia in 1921 in celebration of 100 years of peace between the US and Great Britain.

The George Washington bronze statue was recently restored under a programme led by Honorary State Regent Holly Smith. The "Finding George" project grew rapidly from the restoration of one statue to over 24 statues located in the US, Great Britain, France, Columbia, Peru, Uruguay and the Dominican Republic.  

To learn more about this fascinating project, contact WHP to obtain a copy of the booklet.  We expect this project to continue to grow.  

Our events include speeches and presentations on various elements of American history, regular visits to Benjamin Franklin House, Remembrance Day ceremonies, Thanksgiving events and services at St. Paul’s Cathedral, US Presidential election events and more.  

WHP supports community programmes.
In recent years WHP has supported a number of community groups:

  • Sulgrave Manor, the ancestral home of George Washington

  • Benjamin Franklin House, the only Franklin residence in existence today

  • Kids Kabin, a youth skills training center

  • Spafford Children's Center in Jerusalem

  • BLESMA, a self-supporting charity for limbless veterans

  • The 2nd Air Division Memorial Library

  • The RAF educational workshop: "Technology in War"

  • Women in Active Service


Established in 1925 with 38 members, WHP now has 134 members and over 500 associate members residing throughout the UK as well as in the US, France, Belgium, Ireland, Germany, Spain and Japan.

The founding chapter members included Elisabeth Walton Allen, a Titanic survivor; Adelaide Bragg Gillespie, an author; Martha Washington Agerter Jenks, director of a film company, and Marguerita Lott, a clerk at the United States Embassy.

In 2015, the WHP Chapter celebrated it's 90th anniversary at the Lansdowne Club, where the Treaty of Paris was signed.    Read the expanded history

Walter Hines Page
Walter Hines Page is attributed with influencing the US commitment to support Britain and the Allies in WWI. He was appointed by President Woodrow Wilson to the position of Ambassador to the Court of St. James's and served from 1913 - 1918. He returned to the US just before the Armistice was announced in November 1918. Page is honoured with a plaque in Westminster Abbey, just outside the Chapter House.  

Walter Page was born in Cary, North Carolina. His father, Frank Page, was Cary's founder.  Walter was highly regarded throughout his career as a journalist, publisher and was instrumental in the establishment of North Carolina State University.


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